3 Powerful Influencer And Content Marketing Tips Pt. 1

3-STEP Influencer And Content Marketing Blueprint, Pt. 1

Face it: you’re wasting your time.

We don’t just mean wasting time on emails, organizing your desk, and chatting around the water cooler…

We mean all that valuable time and energy you spend on creating your content.

Chances are, you’re aware that you need to crank out content for your site, email lists, and social media from time to time. BUT what most of the struggling online businesses out there DON’T know, is that you can cut your time in half while doubling the success of your marketing efforts by knowing who your audience is.

It sounds pretty simple, we know. Just write content that your end-user will love, right?

Nope. We’re about to debunk that framework and unlock a new, more profitable audience that you may not have even considered tapping into.

Have You Been Making Goals for the Wrong Team?

Here’s the dilemma: the fatal flaw of most content marketers is that it they’re thinking too hard about what their buyer wants to hear.

How could that be a mistake?’, you might ask.

Well, first ask yourself:

What purpose is my content is serving for my business?

It probably has one or more of the following functions:

  • Illustrating a problem your potential customer didn’t know they had
  • Offering a solution (your product or service) to your customer’s problem
  • Sharing what your potential customer can do or accomplish with your product
  • Showing your customer how to do something new
  • Sharing critical industry news
  • Sharing a case study relating to your product
  • Offering interviews and testimonials

In every case, we have you and your customer as the key players. In a content marketer’s mind, the flow of information from their desk to their readers might look something like:

WRITER --> Branded Media --> BUYER

Rarely do people choose content directly from a product’s website unless they’re searching for a how-to, or some kind of information that enhances their ability to use the product.

For example, 3 New Features of Product X That You Can Use to Y.

When they do, it’s typically because the internal linking, which is a whole other blog post in of itself, was good enough to spark their attention.

BUT a solid content marketing strategy doesn’t aim solely at the people who already browse your site and use your product. Those people are important to write for, but we really want to enhance our capacity to drive new people.

How do we do this?

We write for the people who our audience trusts, a.k.a. their influencers.

According to Tap Influence, Influencer marketing is proven to give you 11x higher ROI than other types of marketing.

With over 49% of people relying on recommendations from influencers to drive their purchasing decision, it’s no wonder services like Klout are becoming an increasingly important aspect of content strategies everywhere from self-proclaimed marketing gurus to big-time ad agencies like Ogilvy.

These people know that true viral information flow looks a bit less like the single-stream graphic we showed you earlier and more like:

WRITER  -->  branded media  -->  social share, stumble, email forwarding, backlink, forum mention, report or ebook citation, podcast, word of mouth  -->  interested party (which may or may not buy) or uninterested party (which may or may not share) -->  BUYER

So, how do you plan for all the potential external resources that most of your buyer’s probably already based their purchasing decisions on?

Well, finding out what, or rather who, those resources are is the first step.

Step 1. Find Out Who The Influencers Are

The first and most obvious sub-step here is surveying your customers and implementing a quick and easy ‘How did you find out about us?’ somewhere in your sign-up process. This is a hands-down must-have. People aren’t always going to bother filling in the text box (we all know that laziness runs rampant when it comes to sign-up process), but some will. It’s a good place to start.

From there, you can use tools like Sprout Social to both enhance your current analytics and discover your best influencers. Since Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are integrated, you can get a nice range of people, businesses, and blogs to work with. This can get a little hairy if your buyers aren’t trying to go public with their problem, in which case you should focus on researching using platforms like Klout, or good old BuzzSumo.

Step 2. Find Out What Your Influencers Share

The wonderful thing about influencers is that they’re easy to follow once you find out who they are. They almost always have tons of content on social media, their personal blogs, or their email list that you can capitalize off of. Depending on how big they are in your niche, you may want to:

· Set up a Google Alert for their name and their brand,

· Aggressively monitor their social media,

· Or even sign up for their product or service. It will likely give you a ton of perspective about your fans, and give you a few ideas to incorporate into the content that you build out specifically for your buyers.

Step 3: Write and Promote More of That

Once you’ve done your research, write more of what you know your buyer’s influencers are sharing. You’d be surprised at how much effective content you can mimic that you never would have thought of otherwise. Also pay close attention to the platform they work on most (YouTube vs. Facebook vs. their blog) to get some clues about where your people go when they need information.

Step 4: Follow Our 3-Step Influencer Marketing Strategy In Part 2

Here are the 3 simplest and most effective options for actually connecting with them and milking their audience:

1. Guest Posting

2. Targeted Offers

3. Exclusive Interviews

In part 2 of this article, we’ll break down just how you can incorporate these 3 simple content types to win the hearts of their fans (your buyers). It’s going to tie all of this together and set up a roadmap for a killer content strategy, and we’ll even throw in a template and a worksheet to help get you started on your new and improved marketing plan.

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