8 Unique Content Ideas for Better Local Rankings

8 Pieces of Content Your Business Can Start Creating Now for Better Local Rankings

Content is king, sure, but without context you’re throwing punches in the dark.

If you’re a local business, in Phillly or otherwise, you need to target the web traffic that matters most, and localized content is a great way to do it.

Here are 8 types of local content you can start using on your blog now to build quality backlinks, develop powerful business relationships, and expand your clientele faster than you ever thought possible.

A Link Roundup Featuring Local Businesses

Becoming e-friendly with other local businesses in your sector is always a great idea. Your local clients probably rely on all sorts of related services to get by, and posting about them is a great way to establish a good old-fashioned digital network of potential partners. Think about 5 to 10 businesses that your customers could use to improve their lives or businesses.

This is a great opportunity to use local keywords and expand your network. Chances are, you probably already have a variety of businesses in your network that you can recommend to clients in good faith.

Not that many local businesses are willing to do this, because they feel it drives their customers away, but if you do it right a post like this can potentially rank and earn your brand tons of respect and credibility.

A Special Events Post

Special events are a great way to boost your traffic, since many organizers rely on things like social media event pages for their digital promos. There are probably tons of local happenings without a good web presence that you could rank for, giving you a major boost in traffic and visibility. Again, this is also an opportunity to network.

Pro Tip: Don’t be afraid to ask the organizers for details. They’ll appreciate your efforts to get the word out and may even tag your blog in a post. For large events this could result in a significant (and totally free) traffic boost.

Philly.com has a great calendar of events that you can use as a guide, though we recommend using Facebook for events that are already in your network.

A Post About a Local Non-Profit Organization

Partnering with nonprofits is a great way to build rapport in your community and show your customers that you care. If you haven’t quite built out a plan for participating in a nonprofit endeavor, simply promoting a local nonprofit can give you the local visibility you’ve been looking for. It’s a simple way to pay it forward and could result in traffic-boosting social mentions.

Never miss an opportunity to market yourself as an involved, high-quality local business. With time, it will make a tremendous difference for your brand. Again, don’t forget to send your link to the non-profit and give them a quick thank you for all they do. You can find a listing of Philadelphia charities on GreatNonProfits.org.

Seasonal Tips

From weather to holiday tips, seasonal posts are fun to build out and can make your blog more relevant. Add a bit of intrigue, take a unique (and ideally helpful) angle, and keep it local to add some intrigue to your blog and social media. If you do it right, you may get a lot more shares than you dreamed possible.

Things to Do

Posting about things to do is essentially a combination of the Roundup, Special Events, and Seasonal Tips posts. Beware, there are a ton of these from Philadelphia businesses, but taking a unique stance and offering links to unexpected happenings can add lots of value for your customers.

You can find tons of local Philadelphia activity listings on the web, but we particularly like the Visit Philadelphia site for a comprehensive and regularly updated list of things to do around town.

Relevant Local News, Especially Small Business News

Local news, especially relating to your business, is a must-have. No need to get too journalistic here, simply having a mention of that snowstorm or a local election may earn you some kudos and boost your share-ability.

There are tons of resources you can use for inspiration. We like The Philadelphia Business Journal and PhillyVoice for inspiration, though it would be worlds better if you managed to catch some news before they do.

Interview a successful Local Business or Local Celebrity

This involves a little but more effort, since you have to find someone relevant to interview, but doing this can achieve great results. You may already have a friend that you can have your content team quickly interview. Your network is already pretty expansive, so you may as well use it.

#TBT Local History Post

Doing some local research may involve a bit of legwork, possibly more than the other content types listed here, but a well-done #TBT that offers unique information about the history of your business, a famous factory, or an influential figure from the past can make for incredibly shareable content.

If you’ve seen the countless ‘History of <Holiday X> articles that get shared throughout the year, you already know that people have a fascination with the origins of the weird cultural practices that shape our day-to-day lives. Philadelphia is rich in vibrant, interesting, and quirky history worth talking about.

You can browse the Philadelphia City Archives to find material for your next blog post or video. You can find amazing photos and maps, and even search by neighborhood.

Local SEO doesn’t have to be difficult.

With these posts and resources at your disposal, you’ll easily attract a better local audience to your site and gain traffic that matters most. If you’re still struggling to crank out content and develop an ongoing SEO strategy for your business, feel free to fill out our online consultation form and discover what we can do to help your business grow!