Our SEO fees are primarily based on the competitiveness of your search term(s)

Look, we can rank you for almost any search term.

The question is: what amount of resources will we need to devote to your campaign, to achieve the goal?

For example, let’s take 2 hypothetical search terms in Google:

  • “barber shop in Springfield”
  • “car accident lawyer in New York”

“Car accident lawyer in New York” is much more difficult to rank for.

Why?  Because this search term is more commercially lucrative, and so it attracts many more people attempting to rank their websites for it.

The competition is fierce.

In the same way, our fees are based off of where your search term(s) will fall within that spectrum.

Contact us here if you want to us to determine how competitive your target search term is and an approximate cost to get you ranked.

“Our SEO services are free”

Here’s the deal: we will only take on clients that we know will have a positive ROI from our SEO services.

While some (most) SEO services will take on anyone with a checkbook, we won’t. That leads to a bad experience on both ends, and we don’t want that.

As a result, our clients make money from our services, over and above our fees.

If we gave you $3 for every $1 you gave us, you would give as much money as you could, right?

That’s the idea with our SEO services.

We tailor our strategy to your budget & goals

Depending on your goals, we may deliver a package of services in addition to SEO, designed to boost your online presence.

Here are a sampling of services:

  • Our plans for social media management (regular posting / promotion) start at a few hundred dollars monthly.
  • We charge “per upgrade” to implement a high value conversion optimization upgrade (you only pay for value delivered)
  • For Facebook ads setup and management, we charge a % of ad spend, depending on the complexity.

We operate with the highest integrity and deeply value our clients

We operate with Integrity & Loyalty to our clients and get RESULTS.  As such, we work with each client on a month-to-month basis because we believe in being held accountable for our services.

This means, there are no annual contracts – ever.

If this all sounds good to you, contact us below and send us a note.

We’ll have a zero pressure chat about your business goals and see if working together makes sense for both of us.